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Patti Heffernan shares her inspiring story of overcoming trauma in the foster system, juvenile justice, and overcoming obstacles of aging out. After coming through homelessness, mental health struggles, poverty, and being impacted by substance use now Patti Heffernan is co-owner of Helios Recovery Services. Through powerful storytelling coupled with state and federal data of the current systems in place, Patti illuminates how these systems are counter-productive to the goal we all want to achieve. The goal of protecting children and giving them hope for their future.

Come and explore how we can protect families by going beyond their pathology, beyond trauma-informed care to healing centered engagement. Find out how to advocate for youth caught in juvenile justice, keep parents seeking recovery from losing their children and eliminate the destructive impact punitive approaches have on families affected by substance use disorder.


Through the use of personal experiences in active substance use disorder and the journey to and in recovery, Jesse Heffernan is available to come to your business or school and share his story as a tool for empowerment and motivation to seek help or be heard. This is an opportunity to hear from a personal and professional lens the trials and process of someone who has struggled with substance abuse issues, life-altering traumas, and the process in which I found Recovery and sustained it for over 21 years. This will also be a great opportunity to address the Recovery Culture were you are in and what you can do to make a more welcoming and safe environment for people with substance abuse issues, their families and loved ones.

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