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Recovery and Social Justice Intersectionality Panel

Recorded May 31, 2023

Join advocates for a panel discussion regarding the recent anti-LGBTQ legislation/rollbacks of access to reproductive services and the role of Recovery Advocates/Support Organizations. This event delves into the intersectionality of the recovery support services field and broader socio-political issues that may not always be associated with addiction recovery. By exploring how recovery support services intersect with marginalized communities, such as those facing anti-LGBT legislation and other forms of discrimination, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of the recovery support services field.



Shauntelle Hammond CEO/ Founder Outta The Binary Recovery

Shauntelle Hammonds is a self-identified queer Black trans woman, who advocates for community care. She is a certified peer support specialist, recovery coach, substance abuse counselor, and a person in recovery.


Dr. Kristine De Jesus Executive Director Students Recover

Dr. Kristine De Jesus is a Fellow at Princeton University in the School of Public and International Affairs and is the Executive Director of Students Recover, the first online student recovery community for post-secondary students in the USA.


Stacy Charpentier RCPF, CPRS Director of Training Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery CCAR Stacy Charpentier, RCPF, CPRS, serves as the Director of Training for CCAR. Identifying as a family member, Stacy infuses that perspective throughout her role. Through this work, she has found her own journey of recovery, which has an emphasis on overall health and well-being.


Johanna Dolan B.Msc., SIC, RCP, RPS, RCP-F CEO & Founder Dolan Research International As an entrepreneur, professional coach, Recovery Coach Professional, and sought-after speaker, Johanna’s passion and mission is to help others awaken to the highest version of themselves.

Image by Leslie del Moral


Helios Recovery acknowledges and honors the land on which we operate and conduct our in-person and online training and where each participant joins us as the traditional territory of First Nations peoples. We express our gratitude and respect for the ancestral and ongoing stewardship of this land by First Nations peoples. We acknowledge the importance of engaging in ongoing dialogue, learning, and partnership to build relationships that promote healing, justice, and reconciliation.

Helios Recovery further acknowledges that our country was built upon a foundation deeply intertwined with slave labor, systemic inequities, and patriarchal structures. We recognize the ongoing impacts of these historical legacies, which have perpetuated injustices and marginalized communities, particularly Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQQIA+, and other abled people’s bodies, minds, and spirits.


Additionally. Helios Recovery recognizes that the drug war and antiquated, iatrogenic, punitive addiction treatment methods have created disempowered experiences and services. This experience is especially true for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)/LGBTQQIA+, and other abled people’s bodies, minds, and spirits.


Through education, advocacy, and intentional actions, we aim to create a collective path forward that centers on justice, equality, and empowerment for all individuals. We are dedicated to fostering healing, dismantling systemic barriers, and cultivating a more just and equitable society for current and future generations.


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